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arto_san's Journal

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"Out of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most"
Good words for me to live by (._.")

My real name is Sara, Arto is kind of a family name, but you can call me that as well.
At the moment I’m currently working on building a house, I’m excited to get to paint my walls with nature murals! ^-^

Allot of my interests are some-what opposites of each other, but I think that’s because my personality is much the same way. I do my best to be nice to people despite my Aspergers and bi-polar depression, but only if they deserve it (rude and mean people do not get any kindness from me).

My current fav obsessions are Lolita fashion, Doctor Who (the 10th doc, not so much the 11th), Dollfie dolls, A Monster In Paris (AMIP/UMAP), District 9, Jackie Early Haley (my fav actor), & Deadpool.

Because of me being a bit OCDish I enjoy drawing and put allot into the details, I’m also a good replacist? (< not a real word, I know), meaning I can copy what I see in almost exact likeness. I’m more fond of drawing animals and landscapes than people, but I can do anime-style people very well.

I’m currently trying to learn a few languages, Japanese and American Sign Language are the two I’m most fluent/best at so far, but I’m also trying Spanish, French and Chinese (mandarin).

If I misspell or use any words grammatically wrong you’ll have to forgive me, I have mild dyslexia and my English grammar sucks ^^;

I don’t have a FB or Twitter account so-far, but I try to check LJ daily so you’re likely to get an answer from me here just as easily =^_^=

"I am a lover of truth, a worshiper of freedom, a celebrant at the altar of language and purity and tolerance." ~ Stephen Fry